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St Kieran's Primary School, Poleglass, Dunmurry, Belfast

School Uniform

It is important that each child comes to school neat and tidy. We are proud of our school uniform, which reflects the individuality of our school and offers all children a common form of dress. We expect all children to wear the school uniform and would ask parents to adhere to the uniform with the school logo. A PE uniform is also needed, however this does not require the school logo. Therefore keeping the overall cost of uniforms low. Uniforms are available from ‘Truly Fare’ in the Dairy Farm and the Kennedy Centre.  They are also available from ‘Chaplin’s’ in the Park Centre. 

Girl’s Uniform:

  • Grey skirt or pinafore  
  • White shirt / white polo shirt  
  • Green cardigan, sweatshirt or pullover
  • School tie
  • Black shoes
  • Green checked Summer dress

Boy’s Uniform: 

  • Grey trousers 
  • White shirt / white polo shirt  
  • Green sweatshirt or pullover
  • School tie
  • Black shoes

PE kit (no school logo needed) 

  • Black shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Trainers / black plimsoles

Please mark all your child’s clothing with his/her name.

In the interest of health and safety we request that jewellery, apart from a watch, is not worn in school. Stud earrings are permitted, however nose or other visible piercings are not accepted in school and multiple ear piercing are discouraged.